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College = The Climb? May 14, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Life, School.
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So most of the people in the Blogosphere are people that only know me for what I post in my blog, so let me catch you up on how college is going for me. To give you the short version, I went to the University of Scranton for 2 years and put myself in ~$12k worth of debt. Then since I couldn’t pay them, they wouldn’t let me take more classes. So a few years down the road in 06 I saved up some money to go back to school, but had to start over. I had to start over though, at Broome Community College. I learned that in NY state community colleges are a lot more serious and most of them even have engineering programs. So now I have about 2 years left, and will finish them up either at Binghamton University or University of Buffalo. Both schools in the SUNY system. Buffalo is a lot farther away, but distance shouldn’t be that important.

Anyways, that whole chunk of information was just to get you up to speed. College for me has been this long journey and taking much more time that it should someone who didn’t have to work so hard to pay for everything. Its been a nonstop battle with loans and financial aid departments. Most students have trouble with tests, projects, picking a major, but for me it’s all about a struggle to pay for things. I look forward to the classes, even the annoying ones because I know what its like to not be able to take them.

The point of this post, (yes there is one) is that I can’t help but relate to Miley Cyrus’s ‘The Climb’. It doesn’t feel natural to be so connected to a song sung by a 16 year old. She didn’t write the song though, and it’s really just the lyrics that mean a lot to me. So am I crazy? Have you ever felt connected to a song that you weren’t super proud of. Let me hear your thoughts!

I can almost see it.
That dream I’m dreamin
But there’s a voice inside my head saying
“you’ll never reach it”.