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Can’t touch this…? May 25, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Life, Tech.
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So as some of you may know already, I’ve been working a lot lately. Now work is good, but all work and no play … well there’s a saying there somewhere. And usually after working this much, I feel the need to reward myself. Now I recently upgraded my camera, but that only cost me about $60 since I sold my old one.

I was thinking about getting an ipod touch. First, let me explain that I can’t upgrade my phone to a smartphone/iphone/blackberry since I can’t afford a data plan right now. Now I’d probably use the touch more for web/apps than music. Lately I’ve been keeping my computer on just for RSS, Email, Facebook, and Twitter. It would be much easier just to have that in my pocket. So I’m asking anyone out there on their thoughts. Maybe you don’t have an iPod touch, but you use something else for wifi action. I would love to hear what you have to say. Now I won’t have 3G service, so it’s not really an “always on” type of deal, but for all intensive purposes everywhere that I’d want to check email I’ll have wifi. Friends, family, school, all have wifi. So when I’m in the car I can’t get online. But should I really be twittering while driving? I know some of you are guilty of that, lol.

Also, if I do pick one up, I’m starting to run into a gadget overload. Most of you female readers wouldn’t understand this, or at least you shouldn’t have to, because you already have a solution. Imagine now, at any given time I might want to have my cell phone, wallet, car keys, camera, ipod touch, and a DS/PSP. I just don’t have that many pockets, nor would I want to have to worry about accidentally sitting on any of them. Short of man-bags or fanny packs coming back into style I think I’m doomed. Perhaps if I currently lived in a bigger city a messenger bag wouldn’t look so out of place? Either way, I guess I’ll just have to leave the camera/DS behind unless I plan ahead.

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