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Touch touch me baby! June 5, 2009

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So I broke down this week and bought an iPod touch. I’m not going to give it a full review since so many people already have. I will tell you about my experience with it so far.

Typing. For the first day I couldn’t believe how slow I was typing on it. Such small letters and big thumbs weren’t mixing. Then I leaned to trust the iPod and just kept typing past my mistakes. The iphone os knows how to auto-correct nearly 95% of my errors. Now I’m typing at nearly full speed. Definitely much faster than a normal cell phone.

Twitter. If you only twitter from a computer then you’re missing out. I’m not completely portable like I would be with a blackberry or iPhone but checking for updates from my couch is nice.

Blogging. Well thanks to RSS reading blogs is pretty easy. Also with the right app posting to your blog is a piece of cake too. However, and this is a problem for me, commenting on other blogs is a royal pain in the ass. Filling out all the fields turns a quick comment into a long affair.

Email. Oh emm gee! I love getting email in my pocket. I send more emails now. I reply to others faster. And my total favorite thing is when I send email. After it’s sent it makes a “woosh” sound. It is now my favorite sound ever.

Calender. Very handy. I no longer need a computer to keep track of important dates.

Portability. I wrote this entire post during a 20 min drive to work. Well I wasn’t driving lol I’m not that talented. It’s just really nice to use this time in the car for something other than listening to the radio.

Wishes. A camera would be cool, along with a built in mic. Then it would have almost the same features as an iPhone. Other than that I couldn’t be happier.

Oh I think this thing plays music too? Lol but really what doesn’t play music now a days? I think I can download ringtones for my toaster. No offense to any Cylons out there. Hahaha sorry I’m done.

Posted from my iPod Touch.