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Engineering My Mosaic! April 24, 2009

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– Go to Google image search.
– Type in your answer to each question.
– Choose a picture from the first page.
– Use this website (http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php) to make your collage.


1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

My answers:
1. Patrick
2. Pizza
3. Scranton
4. Green
5. Wedding Crashers
6. Honey Moon
7. Yellowstone NP
8. Cheesecake!
9. Hungry (Thanks to #8!)
10. Anxious (Nice weather, Finally!)
11. Good Friends
12. Computer Engineer

Many thanks to Katie, whom I stole this from 🙂


20SB Blog Swap April 22, 2009

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I’m John, your 20-something guest blogger. I write a blog, College Grad “Real” World, which covers everything. I started blogging in 2006 after graduating college with no clue what to do next with my life. I’ve gotten into sports journalism since, but it’s difficult to tell from my blog. (Especially with the American Idol reviews each week.) I have a bachelors of arts degree in Physics and now I’m in school earning my masters of science in Journalism, figure that one out.

I grew up in New Jersey, but I live for the Seattle Mariners and the Buffalo Bills. For a glimpse why check out this post. But enough introduction, onto the post.

Baseball is the world’s most quantifiable sport. Individual events combine to create a “team” game. The fact that individual play can be quantified leads to baseball players being among the most revered and villified of sports icons. That’s how it’s been for one man who broke into the Major Leagues at the young age of 19.

Now, 20 years later, no matter what happens this season, the homecoming of Ken Griffey Jr. has already made this season a success for Seattle.

SEATTLE - APRIL 15:  Ken Griffey, Jr. of the S...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Griffey Jr. played 127 games in 1989 at the age of 19 and hit 16 home runs. I was five years old at the time. Over the next five years Griffey Jr. would grow into one of the best players in the Major Leagues. As I grew up I grabbed everyone of his baseball cards I could find. My favorite card was a 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack card that had a cartoon Griffey Jr. flying up with a cape to make a catch. (My guess is it’s worth about 99 cents even today.) I tried to emulate Griffey’s beautiful yet powerful swing. Turns out that’s difficult to do while batting right-handed.

By the time Seattle played the New York Yankees in the ALDS in 1995, I was a diehard Mariners fan. Sure most of the games were 3,000 miles away, but the games were always in the box score. And there were highlights on ESPN. I still remember the nights I fell asleep on my basement floor trying to wait for the late edition of Baseball Tonight.

In 1999, as superstars are prone to do, Griffey Jr. left Seattle. He wanted to play closer to home. He wanted to play in his father’s home city. No one could blame him. He’d already become an iconic player. But it was a sad day when The Kid left for Cincinnati. I continued to follow his career and last season I had the good fortune of watching Griffey play against the Mariners at U.S. Cellular Field.

The game of baseball has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Defense has become quantifiable, steroids have become a contentious topic and through all of it some of the innocence has been lost. Griffey, because of a balky hamstring and over 2,500 games, is a shell of his former self.

Yet, when Griffey Jr. decided to sign with the Mariners over the Atlanta Braves this season I was overjoyed. Sure, Griffey will never again be the player who crashed into to walls to save home runs or made fans dream about the possibility of him breaking the home run record. Still, every at bat this season is an event. Griffey the designated hitter in Seattle is the best thing to happen to the Pacific Northwest in a long time.

And now, twenty years removed from his first foray into the Major Leagues I’m able to watch the Mariners and Griffey Jr. every day on MLB.tv. The Kid, and the world, sure has come a long way.

GOTD: Rashida Jones April 16, 2009

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So I had an idea for some new post material. Every once in awhile I might post about an interesting female. (Either Fiction or NonFiction) I’ve seen enough of these posts on some of your blogs. Though they’re usually “Hunk of the week” or something similar.

So today I wanted to talk about Rashida Jones. One might remember her from The Office, where she briefly played Jim’s girlfriend. (Also dated him IRL as well) She’s now in the new NBC show Parks and Recreation.

She just has a very simple beauty. Something about her smile just makes me want to smile back. Graduating from Harvard also makes her more than just a pretty face. It’s weird how some girls are just extraordinary at being ordinary.

So if you ever meet Rashida, tell her Patrick says hi 🙂

Awesomely Disturbing April 13, 2009

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So I just came across this commecial while watching Scrubs. As a child of the 80s, I can’t help but love this.

Yet its still pretty disturbing somehow. I like spongebob, so I appreciate how it’s both funny and raunchy at the same time. I’m not so sure BK should be using that song to advertize to kids though.

Also, I’m watching the Scrubs episode where JD starts dating Mandy Moore. There’s something about her that I always really liked. She just seems real. Of course I can’t just come up with that from watching her act in one show, lol. She was also pretty hott in How I Met Your Mother as Ted’s rebound girl. And I definitely owned her first couple CDs back in the day.

The Easter Bunny died for you April 11, 2009

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This post started as a response to AMinDinMotown’s The divide only widens post. She posted about how Easter led her to reflect on Religion.

Well Easter didn’t really cause me to think about my thoughts on religion, but her post did. Some background: I went to a catholic school until 8th grade, then public. I don’t believe my family has ever been to Sunday mass, and I’ve easily attended more masses than both my parents combined. I was never a regular, and my best guess is that my last time at mass was in 2003.

When I was at Holy Rosary I use to wish my family would go on sundays. I felt like the odd kid out because it seemed like everyone else was there. My little brother is 12, he was baptized Catholic, if I recall he’s never been to Mass (other than his baptism of course). My dad regularly cooks meat of fridays during lent. It makes me angry. I don’t understand why they were so concerned with making us Catholic when they didn’t want to do anything Catholic. I avoid eating meat on fridays during let, but in this house its easy to forget. There’s nobody around to remind me. And when I realize after-words I get upset at myself.

So where do religion and I stand now? First off, I’m thankful for my upbringing. I think the most important thing anyone achieve through religion is values. I’ll support anyone’s beliefs as long as they show values and morals. I don’t view Catholicism as the “correct religion”. The notion that one religion is right and another is wrong is just ridiculous. Who believes in a God that’s so close minded? (lol some might say Catholics) I feel that God respects and love those who live honorable lives. We all make mistakes, we can all ask for forgiveness, just be a good person.

Once I have kids I think my family will start going to church again. Not right away, once they’re at that point that they won’t cry for 40 mins straight, lol. Some of the lessons I learned as a kid might have more meaning to me once I enter parenthood. And I would like my children to take in the values from the church as well. Once they’re in high school I’ll let them make their own choices, but until then we’ll spend sunday mornings at mass. And then after I always want to cook a sunday brunch!

Other thoughts, I’m not really worried about if there’s a heaven/hell right now. I’m sure that will be more important to me later in life, but for now I’m too busy trying to make the most of what I have to be concerned about whats next. I know God sees gays as equals. God wouldn’t hate anyone, except terrorists/murderers/rapists. (That’s not a complete list) I guess as rule if during your life you do things to ruin other people lives, then you’re going to be on God’s shit list. What else? Evolution is pretty much the way things happened here on earth. So does that make me a bad Catholic? Probably.

Do I think God worries about those details? No. One might even say ‘the devil is in the details’ lol. Well as you may be able to tell, I’m pretty open on my views, so feel free to comment if you’d like. You won’t hurt my feelings. 🙂

N Korea tested a long range missile April 8, 2009

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Just the other night North Korea test fired a long range missile. Everyone knew it was going to happen, they announced it about a week prior. Of course almost all world leaders asked Kim Jong-il not to proceed with the testing. Ill claimed it was to put a communication satellite into air. Hardly anyone truly believes there was ever plans for a satellite. Most fear this was just to show off the fact they could produce these missiles. Apparently when your country a good portion of its money selling weapons like this you can’t just show up at E3 to demonstrate them.

I can’t explain how disappointed I am that Obama and Japan let this test occur. N. Korea was breaking a UN restriction which prohibited testing these sort of missiles. And the best we could do was “Please don’t do that” and then “You shouldn’t have done that”? This missile flew over mainland Japan. How could they just sit there and watch it fly over like some sort of shooting star. You have the technology, blow that shit of out the sky. Or better yet, grow a pair and take the missle out before it even gets launched.

Kim Jong-il clearly is having a good week. Not only did he have a great ‘product demonstration’ he also has proof that he can get away with things without repercussion. Instead of bowing to Saudi Kings and making friends will all of Europe maybe we should focus on this crazy dictator with nuclear weapons.

Hopefully Jong-il will just take another stroke and we can forget about him.

One Third Life Crisis? April 7, 2009

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Some people my age talk about having a quarter-life crisis. Really? That’s not very realistic, lol. A safe bet says you can divide by 75, so 25/75 is about 1/3. I certainly don’t view being 25 as a crisis. The first 10 years or so are negligible, considering you don’t produce to many cognitive memories then. The last 15 have included a lot of schooling, just learning how I’m supposed to live this life that I have. Sadly I’m not finished with school, but soon enough. I think age is more of a relative thing though, when I spend time with my little brother (12) we play video games and talk about computers. On the other hand, some friends who are off getting married make me feel a lot older. Of course there’s always middle ground. Others who are about my age who are still not close to settleing down and plan on just enjoying their 20’s. (Or whats left of them)

So when I blog, I’m going to try to focus more on life events during this period of … well my life. Not only what’s going on with me personally, but how the world is changing around me. And I know posts about news and politics aren’t as exciting as “Look I bought new shoes!” posts. (LOL clearly not something I would write, but some of you are guilty, =P) So if I write a post and it seems boring, feel free to just skip it and understand that sometimes we all need to write more for ourselves than for others.

I’m not usually this philosophical, sitting around talking about life isn’t usually my cup of tea. Yesterday was my 25th birthday, so it stired up some of these thoughts.

Kubuntu April 6, 2009

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So I’ve reinstalled my laptop with Kubuntu. And I must say I’m super happy with it. I’ll put together a more technical post tomorrow, but I just thought I’d share that I’m happy. I’ve used linux before, but it was awhile ago and it took a lot of work. It really amazes me how far things have come, and how smoothly everything works. Also, I thought about putting together a post about my thoughts on N. Korea launching their missile, however I was sidetracked with a coding project.

I hope all is well in the blogworld, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

I’m in the Hug Hall of Fame April 4, 2009

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What are you famous for?

I don’t think I can claim fame for anything yet in my life. If you were to ask most of my friends what I’m most notable for, I bet they would say my hugs. I can’t recall when I was first told that I "gave the best hugs" but it was sometime during my first year in college. Somehow it went from one person’s opinion into a known fact. I wouldn’t walk around announcing that I give the best hugs, although I certainly wouldn’t turn down the chance to show someone. 🙂 Perhaps there are better things that friends could say about a person, but I have no complains. I enjoy giving hugs, maybe that’s what makes them better. There’s no secret formula, put arms around someone, hug (don’t squeeze), hold for a second, then release, lol. Now a days some insist on hugs that last longer though, <3.

What would I like to be famous for? Well while studying engineering there are usually only two routes to fame, invention and research. I’m not very interested in being famous for either. Perhaps someday when I’ve settled down I’ll opt to become a professor. I suppose it would be nice to pass some knowledge on to students, and have them remember be for that. I wouldn’t call it fame, but I’d probably have a lot of facebook/twitter friends, lol. And you can’t get much closer to fame than that right?

So how about you? What are you famous for? Or what might you like to be famous for? (If you’re answering this prompt on your own blog drop me a comment with link!)

[I got this prompt from plinky.com but their site wouldn’t let me post it, and I had to rewrite this twice. So I’m not linking back to Pinky, because I’m mad at them. lol]

13 shot dead, within eyesight of my old bus stop April 3, 2009

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front_page On most days I feel like a crappy blogger, since I never seem to have much to talk about. I tend to browse online for prompts to give me some ideas. Sadly, today all I needed to do was turn on the TV. I follow the news quite often, more then most I bet. I moved out of my old APT last June, but odds are I’ll still be moving back to the Binghamton area this fall. Hearing the news, the first thing I worried about was if it was at any of the schools in the area. First reports just mentioned it being at a civic center. At first I wasn’t sure where it was, because I didn’t know the place by name. Once they put up a picture though, I knew exactly where it was. I saw it nearly every day.

aptThat’s less than a half mile away. It took me about 45 minutes to get there when I needed to catch the bus. The actual bus stop was at the end of North St, but trust me it was close enough. FoxNews only had a few pictures they were cycling through during the early reports. One of the pictures was of the sign that told me where to catch the #7 bus. Because the business of the building, immigration, I didn’t know anyone involved. Front St, the location of the shooting, is the same street that my school is on. Granted, they’re a few miles apart, but the exact same street.

I only hope that society gets out of this mindset of hurting others when you can’t live your life anymore. And I look forward to waking up tomorrow and not having anything important to post about. Maybe something small and nearly pointless like blogs should be.