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Health care here, get your health care here! August 19, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Life, Science, Work.

So I couldn’t help but voice my opinion on this health care debate.  I try to avoid talking politics, since conservative points of view aren’t very well accepted here on the interwebs.  This topic is fairly safe though, since I consider myself  middle-of-the-road on this.

So first off, I’m sick of the right talking about death panels and all that crap.  Clearly nobody really wants those, and they’ll never exist.  So I won’t even worry about that angle.  Now most people who are against a ‘public plan’ are those who already have decent insurance, and are afraid they’ll lose what they have.  Believe it for not, that’s a very real possibility. There’s a large percentage of people who work for small businesses. (I’m a blogger, not a reporter so you can check those numbers yourself, lol) And perhaps you’ve never worked for a small business, but they tend to spend a lot of money on health care. And if my old boss had the option to switch us over to a cheaper public plan, then he would have done it immediately. Then instantly, you no longer have the same health insurance you enjoyed.

Everyone needs health care!? Right? Wrong. Sorry, but I just don’t think so. Since I graduated high school (in 2002) I had health care for a total of 6 months. If I was paying for health insurance for the last 7 years, there’s no way I could afford rent and tuition. It just wouldn’t have happened.

Simple numbers. I don’t know about you, but when my dad needs a checkup, or a non-emergency visit, he usually has 1-2 week wait until they can schedule him in. Then, you get there for your 3pm appointment, but don’t really see a doctor until 3:30ish. Now just imagine, 46 million more people suddenly have health care. Can you just think about the surge of people who will want to go in for checkups? And how many million more doctors are we adding? What’s that? Zero? That’s not the government’s problem. How can you get the same service from your doctors when they instantly gain (on average) %15 more clients? Impossible.

Ideas. There’s nothing I hate more than those who complain without making suggestions. First off, and this doesn’t deal with insurance directly, but Ban advertisements for prescription medication. There’s no reason to advertise prescriptions to the general public. Let their Dr decide what meds they need, don’t wait for the patient to walk in saying “Oh I think you need to prescribe X for me, since I saw this commercial and I have Y, and Z symptoms. How much are drug companies spending on these advertisements? How much of those costs are increasing the price on our prescriptions? But why will they never be banned? Because pharmaceutical companies donate heavily to politicians, and so they get away with whatever they’d like.

Next, pass laws to help protect doctors. Health care prices are greatly inflated due to so many hospitals/doctors are afraid of getting sued. Put a cap on what a family can sure for, also make it more transparent if there’s a doctor who’s made mistakes. I can look up nearly any business on the BBB to see it’s record. If I buy a car, I get a CarFax, but do I have any idea about my Dr’s track record? No.  Also, when it comes to transparency, how about being more honest about prices? I would bet that 99% of people have no idea what they’ll be charged for their visit/care until the bill comes in the mail. If you get your car repaired, you make some calls and find a reasonable price. If you need to be repaired, good luck on finding the best price. You can’t even “shop around” if you wanted to. So when people can’t “shop around” there is no competition amongst locations. And without competition, there’s no reason to keep prices low. Just let them skyrocket! And that’s exactly what’s happened.

So these are just a few small changes, and that’s the way to go about this problem. Not with some crazy public option, it will be chaos, expensive, and I feel it will eventually lead to inferior care.


Is it mid june already? June 16, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Life, School, Work.

So after reading Mindy’s latest post about bloggers fading away, I decided it was time for me to start writing again. I’ve been quite recently, because I feel like I’m just in a funk. In a funk is, probably a nice way of saying “almost depressed”. And I hate the idea of blogging while in a bad mood, it’s worse than drinking.

So why the funk? Well things were good for awhile, I was really busy with work. So I found myself a little too tired after work to write. That’s cool though, everyone has busy times. Now I made some money, and bought myself an iPod Touch which I was really excited about. Then work began to slow down. Instead of my brother having me work for him 30 hrs a week, it drooped to 10, then pretty much none.  So for the last few weeks, I’ve been at home way to much. It’s quite boring, and so I’ve been jumping at the opportunity to go out once in awhile. Then going out leads to spending money, money that I didn’t have coming in anymore. So now I’m very broke, with an insurance payment due yesterday, and I need to put $100 deposit down for eric’s bachelor party.

In other parts of my life, I really need to get out some last minute transfer applications to schools. They’re already late, but after not being accepted last year, the fear of rejection again is holding me back. I just need to sit down and drink a few beers and fill out the forms I need to online.

So what’s left? Money = fail, school = not so hot, girls = ? Lol, this is always a fun topic. I’m single, by choice you might say, but more like a narcissistic choice. Because I’m so uncertain of where I’ll be in the fall, I don’t want to find myself attached to someone in Scranton, just to move 1-4 hours away in August. And on top of that, I’m just not happy with where I am in life. I’m 25 now, and still trying to find a way to pay for and get through undergrad. At 25 most people are looking for someone who has their life setup by now, not someone who’s as far through college as a 20 year old normally is.

So I try and take solace in the fact that someday soon eventually I’ll be finished with school, and on the same professional level as people I might be interested in. Of course who’ll be left in the dating pool by then? Are there a lot of single 28 yr old girls who haven’t had a few kids yet? Alright, enough with pessimistic speculation. This post was already way to somber for me.

So any advice for me? I just need to shake this mood off, and haven’t been able to.

I miss you! May 2, 2009

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So my dad went on vacation last week to Florida. And because my dad and older brother have their own business, I needed to fill in for my dad. So since 4/23 I’ve had work with my brother every day. Now, this is a good thing, because I haven’t had some solid work in quite some time. And my funds were getting quite low. I still have a total of $0.52 in my checking account, lol. So I’ve been doing roofing, installing windows, installing doors, garage door openers, etc for the last 10 days or so. Even on the weekends! (Well one day was a little rainy, and another I had to babysit, but still) When I get home from work, I’ve been so tired that I find some food, shower, and head back to sleep. And the only time I’ve been on the computer, is for a few minutes before I get ready for work in the morning.

So even though I’m working today and tomorrow, I’m going to try my best to tackle my long list of things I need to read. So if you’ve notice my comments have been sparce, be prepared for me to drop a bunch over the next 48 hours. Specifically, I need to check up on MinD, Katie, Delilah, MJ, Erika, and John. That’s right, I’m not afraid to name drop.

When I get a chance, I’ll be writing a post about why Perez Hilton is an ignorant jackass 🙂

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here we go, here we go, here we go again September 16, 2008

Posted by Patrick in School, Work.

So my first post was supposed to be an intro post, about me, what to expect, all that crap. Well, I don’t know what you should expect, other that my thoughts. So lets get right to it!

What’s new today? I lost my job, well, I didn’t lose it, haha I know where it went. Anyways, for those of you who didn’t know I was working in an awkward situation for an ex’s parents. I was surprised the job lasted a year longer than the relationship, but all things must come to an end. (Notice the lack of ‘good’) It was a nice job, web development, but the pay was sub-par and I at times the stress level was high.

So what am I up to lately? Trying to be a good student, I’ve done a bad job of that over the last week, but there’s 12 or so weeks in a semester so I can still make it up right? I figure the Giants lost their first two weeks last season, and it all worked out for them right? Oh well, I’m transferring before these grades get posted, so I guess you can call it ‘senoritis’. 

So that’s it for now, I’ve got more to talk about later on. I’m not as clever and witty as MinD, nor do I have the politicaly motivated rauncyness of Tom, but hey, it’s a start right? What do you expect from an engineer?