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First day of classes August 24, 2009

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So I was walking around campus, trying to decide what to do between my spare time between classes. It’s to early for me to have work to do, so I found myself wandering. Then it hit me, it’s a good time to blog!

I can’t help but notice my age difference between the average students here. I’m in this were area where I’m older than traditional students, yet still much younger than the ‘returning professionals’ who I see walking around. It really impedes on the social aspect of college, but we all know I’m not here for social reasons.

I started out with my Personal Fitness class at 8am, we didn’t really do much the first day, but my professor talked to us like we were in fat camp. Well, I can’t imagine what they actually say in fat camp, but that’s how it felt. A little motivation doesn’t hurt though. I’m looking forward to buying my own food again. I know I’ll eat much more healthy food.  Anyone have suggestions on what I should pick up when I’m at the store later? I plan on buying a lot of yogurt! Then I guess lunch meat and bread? What’s a healthy filling lunch? I’m prone to just making sandwiches, but I’m open to ideas.

My next class was Social Problems. This class should be, interesting, to say the least. The professor is nice, very liberal though. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, lol) In four years he’s never failed anyone. And you can do volunteer work to count as 50% of your grade. Maybe I can find a local church that could use a hand?

Back to the age thing, I have trouble being a male in this situation. Example being, I just looked up from my laptop and saw this very attractive girl directly across from me, maybe 20 feet away. Ok, on second look, I’ll just say that she has really nice legs, lol. Anyways, considering the average age here is probably 18.5-19, I feel to old to even check out these girls. Granted I’m in no way looking for anyone to date around here, those who know me know I already have someone I’m very interested in. 😉 Oh well, I guess I just need to focus on classwork, and not worry about random eye candy.

I feel like this post is going to crap, in one post I almost turned into one of those bloggers that just observe/complain about everything. That’s ok, everyone gets to vent once in awhile right?

So my last complaint. Smokers. Why does it seem like a solid 30% of the student body smokes? I thought kids learned its not ‘cool’ anymore? No matter where I seem to be walking, I get stuck behind someone who’s smoking. It doesn’t bother me that much, sure my Dad, Mom,  older brother and sister all smoke, but I was hoping that here I could get away from that. I hated being a kid and always having my clothes smell like smoke from being around it all the time. =/

Well I finished my last class, Technical Writing. It sounds like I’m going to enjoy that class.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Healthy foods/meal suggestions please, but they need to be simple. I’m not much of a cook, lol.


Touch touch me baby! June 5, 2009

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So I broke down this week and bought an iPod touch. I’m not going to give it a full review since so many people already have. I will tell you about my experience with it so far.

Typing. For the first day I couldn’t believe how slow I was typing on it. Such small letters and big thumbs weren’t mixing. Then I leaned to trust the iPod and just kept typing past my mistakes. The iphone os knows how to auto-correct nearly 95% of my errors. Now I’m typing at nearly full speed. Definitely much faster than a normal cell phone.

Twitter. If you only twitter from a computer then you’re missing out. I’m not completely portable like I would be with a blackberry or iPhone but checking for updates from my couch is nice.

Blogging. Well thanks to RSS reading blogs is pretty easy. Also with the right app posting to your blog is a piece of cake too. However, and this is a problem for me, commenting on other blogs is a royal pain in the ass. Filling out all the fields turns a quick comment into a long affair.

Email. Oh emm gee! I love getting email in my pocket. I send more emails now. I reply to others faster. And my total favorite thing is when I send email. After it’s sent it makes a “woosh” sound. It is now my favorite sound ever.

Calender. Very handy. I no longer need a computer to keep track of important dates.

Portability. I wrote this entire post during a 20 min drive to work. Well I wasn’t driving lol I’m not that talented. It’s just really nice to use this time in the car for something other than listening to the radio.

Wishes. A camera would be cool, along with a built in mic. Then it would have almost the same features as an iPhone. Other than that I couldn’t be happier.

Oh I think this thing plays music too? Lol but really what doesn’t play music now a days? I think I can download ringtones for my toaster. No offense to any Cylons out there. Hahaha sorry I’m done.

Posted from my iPod Touch.

N Korea tested a long range missile April 8, 2009

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Just the other night North Korea test fired a long range missile. Everyone knew it was going to happen, they announced it about a week prior. Of course almost all world leaders asked Kim Jong-il not to proceed with the testing. Ill claimed it was to put a communication satellite into air. Hardly anyone truly believes there was ever plans for a satellite. Most fear this was just to show off the fact they could produce these missiles. Apparently when your country a good portion of its money selling weapons like this you can’t just show up at E3 to demonstrate them.

I can’t explain how disappointed I am that Obama and Japan let this test occur. N. Korea was breaking a UN restriction which prohibited testing these sort of missiles. And the best we could do was “Please don’t do that” and then “You shouldn’t have done that”? This missile flew over mainland Japan. How could they just sit there and watch it fly over like some sort of shooting star. You have the technology, blow that shit of out the sky. Or better yet, grow a pair and take the missle out before it even gets launched.

Kim Jong-il clearly is having a good week. Not only did he have a great ‘product demonstration’ he also has proof that he can get away with things without repercussion. Instead of bowing to Saudi Kings and making friends will all of Europe maybe we should focus on this crazy dictator with nuclear weapons.

Hopefully Jong-il will just take another stroke and we can forget about him.

A years supply of pizza for me! March 31, 2009

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If you could eat only one type of cuisine for a year, what would it be?

Tombstone Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza, hands down. Meat, cheese, bread, tomatoes, what more could your body want!? I've had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Usually not all three, but I've done it! Once in Binghamton, we ordered a 'tray' of pizza which apparently has a different meaning there. Around here you get a pizza say 2ft by 1.5 ft, but in Bing it was like 2ft by 4ft. It was insane, and there was only two of us and we ordered 2 trays! Also, my roommate was lactose intolerant, lol. So for the next 36 hours I'm pretty sure I ate nothing but pizza. And I didn't stop because I got sick of it, I stopped because after a few days it started to dry and shrink and eric wouldn't let me eat anymore, lol.

Where's Waldo brings me back March 29, 2009

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Name a children's book that makes you nostalgic…

I spent hours and hours finding waldo and everything else that was hidden. I think I had 4 of these books, and to this day I feel like I have a stronger sense of detail because of this little guy in his red striped shirt. Why isn't there a waldo website? (lol maybe there is, but I never looked) Oh well Waldo and his cane sure do bring me back!

Princess Sitting March 28, 2009

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A Morning with Morgan

We started off with breakfast, probably the easiest part of my day. Isn’t she adorable?

Lunch, the real fun…

So I gave her options, Pierogies, or Pizza. Now just like any little kid she opted for the pizza. (Good choice since all I had to do was reheat it) So once the oven heated up and I was done making the pizza about 30 mins went by. I serve her a slice and she gives me the “sour look” and says “I don’t like this kind”. Now at first I assumed she meant the type of pizza, well after 15 mins of arguing about it, she tell me that she likes “the pizza shaped like this” (and continues to make a triangle shape with her hands) So I’ve discovered what the problem was, so being the engineer that I am, I took the square (really rectangular) pieces and cut them diagonally. And look at that, triangle pizza. So we’re all set right? No, lol you’ve clearly underestimated the needs of a 5 year old girl. She tells me that her triangles don’t have crust, and they need to have crust. So, then I found some ‘edge pieces’ that contained crust, cut those into triangles, and tada we have triangles with crust. Done right? Lol no way. She takes a bite, but my lovely niece is missing 5 of her front teeth, so she couldn’t bite off pieces. So what did I have to do? Get out a knife and cut her triangle pieces with crust, into teeny bite-sized squares. Of course a plate full of little squares looked like too much, so I had to put just 4 on a new plate. Then as she ate those, I would slowly add a few more. I think it was about an hour later that I actually got this girl to eat. Of course she’s my only niece, so I love her. But man was it a lot of work.

Finally, Some Homework

What kind of an uncle would I be if I didn’t make sure she had something educational to do? So she read me her first book ever.

I demand Maroni's Pizza! March 28, 2009

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What will it take for you to release the hostages?

Maroni’s Pizza
Must be square, well, I guess I’ll accept rectangular. There are no substitutes, and I will notice if you’re trying to trick me.

Red Starburst
Only red, if you throw a yellow in there, so help me I will go crazy. Why don’t they just let me buy only the red ones? Pink are an ok alternative, but that’s it!

A G5 to wherever I want to go
All the famous people get to ride in G5s, they sing about them. I want to be in one. So make it happen! Of course, I don’t know the difference between a G5 and any other plane, but you better make sure I don’t have to sit next to a fat snoring guy!!!

Free T-Shirts
That’s right, I like free stuff, and there’s nothing more handy than a free t-shirt. It has to be on the top of my list for favorite things to have. Of course since I’m demanding it, I don’t want you to buy it and give it to me. That’s not the same. It must have been free in the first place. Then it’ll have a story, and I can tell people where I got a free shirt! Of course telling people I got a free shirt by demanding it might be cool too.

Sell out? I think so March 17, 2009

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So let me first start off by saying that I’m not the type of person to write off a band as selling out just because they become popular. I like when good bands make it.  Fall Out Boy I think is a decent example of that. Even though some my argue their music has changed a bit.

So who am I talking about then? The Ataris. You might not even know them, but they did a cover of Boys of Summer that was overplayed. Anyways, they come from Cali and use to have an amazing sound. I’m embedding videos, and I hate when people do that on their main posts, so you’ll have to catch more after the break. (more…)

Violent Video Games vs Sexy Music March 17, 2009

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I’m sure you’ve heard about how bad video games are for young boys.  Even now legislation is in the works to make



sure those bad games stay out of the hands of young kids.  Now I’m pretty level headed about this.  I’m glad that WalMart wont be selling GTA4 to my little brother. (Who’s 12)  Of course that’s just a speed bump for most kids.  My brother’s played the game because someone else bought it for another kid.  Parents don’t take the time to do any research on what their kids are about to see.  However, I feel that way because he’s twelve.  I really don’t see a reason why 16 year olds can’t play those games but 18 year olds can.  Again, I guess that’s a parenting issue, and as of now, I’m no parent.

That’s all old news, what I want to talk about, is the music these days.  Ten years ago, the outrage was on people like Marylin Manson, ICP, Eminem, etc who sang about dark things.  Here’s some opinion though, kids (and not too long ago, I was one of them) understand the difference between right and wrong when it comes to murder/extreme violence.  The problem is when it comes to gray areas. Sex and drugs.  I imagine that 96% of all teen girls 14+ know who Britney Spears is. And they’ve seen her on tv and heard her songs. Now, I’m not hating on Brit. As a matter of fact, I think Lucky was an amazing song. But I think she’s taken the ‘sex sells’ idea just a bit to far. Her latest video is just way over the top.  And it isn’t just hot half naked girls singing about sex, rap music (if that’s what its called anymore) is also a horrible offender. Not only are their videos filled with rauncy girls grinding anything that moves, the lyrics can be just down right disgusting. And parents have even less of control over music than they do video games.  Video games can be restricted to the living room, (sure most kids have TVs in their room, but parents have a choice) but music goes wherever the kids do. Thanks to ipods you might never hear what songs kids listen to.



I need to wrap it up instead of rambling, so here it goes. I can’t prove that music has a larger influence over teens than video games. What I can tell you, without a doubt, is that kids are much more easily influenced when  it comes to sex and drugs. Teenagers are trying to learn how to be teens. I know that might sound funny, but its true. They know they no longer want to act like kids, but they certainly don’t want to just follow all their parents rules. So they



look to music, tv, etc to get an idea what popular teens might do. Sadly the popular people in media aren’t usualy the people you want as a role model.  The least parents can do, is have thier kids watching more Disney, and less MTV. I mean, do you want your daughters being the next Miley Cyrus/Selena Gomez, or Britney/Rihanna? And yes, I know Brit had her start with good old Mickey, but you don’t see Mr. Mouse putting her have naked body on his channel anymore.