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I’m in the Hug Hall of Fame April 4, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Life, plinky.
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What are you famous for?

I don’t think I can claim fame for anything yet in my life. If you were to ask most of my friends what I’m most notable for, I bet they would say my hugs. I can’t recall when I was first told that I "gave the best hugs" but it was sometime during my first year in college. Somehow it went from one person’s opinion into a known fact. I wouldn’t walk around announcing that I give the best hugs, although I certainly wouldn’t turn down the chance to show someone. 🙂 Perhaps there are better things that friends could say about a person, but I have no complains. I enjoy giving hugs, maybe that’s what makes them better. There’s no secret formula, put arms around someone, hug (don’t squeeze), hold for a second, then release, lol. Now a days some insist on hugs that last longer though, <3.

What would I like to be famous for? Well while studying engineering there are usually only two routes to fame, invention and research. I’m not very interested in being famous for either. Perhaps someday when I’ve settled down I’ll opt to become a professor. I suppose it would be nice to pass some knowledge on to students, and have them remember be for that. I wouldn’t call it fame, but I’d probably have a lot of facebook/twitter friends, lol. And you can’t get much closer to fame than that right?

So how about you? What are you famous for? Or what might you like to be famous for? (If you’re answering this prompt on your own blog drop me a comment with link!)

[I got this prompt from plinky.com but their site wouldn’t let me post it, and I had to rewrite this twice. So I’m not linking back to Pinky, because I’m mad at them. lol]