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New Album from Simeon (20sw) March 30, 2009

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New from Simeon, This Poor Little One-Horse Town

March 29, 2009 EML Records is proud to announce the newest CD from rising folk star Simeon. While touring colleges all last year, Simeon was writing new songs for his fans to enjoy. After a few months in the studio, This Poor Little One-Horse Town was born.
We sat down and asked Simeon what inspired him to write these songs:

“Well, I was traveling the country and fans would come up to me and share their stories. They would tell me how my music moves them and helped them get through some truly difficult situations. And it was those stories that I took to heart, spent my nights in bed imagining what it might be like. So as I searched my soul, the lyrics started to flow. And before you know it, something you scribbled on a napkin is now in the liner notes of a CD that’s being sold all around the nation.”

We also wanted to know, out of the 12 new songs on One-Horse Town what song meant the most to him and why:

“Geeze, pick one song? Well track 4 “Alone in your arms” is really a powerful song. It’s about a girl whose just fell out of love with her life and her boyfriend. She’s so unhappy on the inside, yet nobody seems to notice or care. And because she doesn’t share these feelings with anyone, she’s doomed to feel alone. Of course I didn’t write it to depress people, but they need to learn to express their feelings in order to enjoy their lives.”

Albums are hitting shelves today, and you can pick up your own copy of “This Poor Little One-Horse Town” at your local music store. As well as digitaly on itunes. Also keep an eye on Simeon’s myspace for tour dates.

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