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Is she your happy ending? June 18, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Life.

Not that kind of ‘happy ending’ you pervy readers, (I’m looking at you Katie).

I was thinking about relationships the other day, and by the other day I really just mean earlier today. It just sounds better when it appears that I’ve devoted more thought to an idea. I have decided I’d share something with you all, it’s personal, and emotional, but that’s what blogs are for right?

I enjoy watching movies, of many different types. Right now I’ll focus on romantic comedies, or more generally, movies with a strong connection between a couple. And if the acting and production of the movie are at a high enough caliper, then I find myself easily captured by their relationship. One of my favorite feelings in life comes at the end of those movies, if after the entire movie you can look over to your side and see someone who you care about just as much. Sure you might not have run out onto a baseball field, crashed your bike into a truck,  pulled her out of a frozen pond, stopped her at an airport, ate a peanut off a NYC sidewalk, crashed a wedding for her, or found her number in a book before your wedding, but you still know how lucky you are to be with a person who truly makes you happy. (Can you tell I’ve seen quite a few of these movies)

Throughout life we go in and out of relationships, and during such many minor plot-lines pass by. But someday, someday there might just be a twist, and suddenly you find yourself halfway through your very own love story.



1. whattakes - June 18, 2009

I don’t have a happy sending yet. That would be why I’m not married (that and I plan on not getting married, common law is enough). I love romantic movies. Even being single for a while, I still love them. Happy Endings are the best thing ever. They full you with warm fuzzies (is that a word?) and happy thoughts, and wishes and hopes for a better time.

2. NOT Katie - June 18, 2009

I wonder who this Katie girl is that you name as a pervy reader?

I would never say anything about Happy Endings, or the fact that the girl before me referred to happy endings as “the best thing ever” and “…they fill you with warm fuzzies and happy thoughts and wishes and hopes for a better time…” Nope, not ME.

Katie might.

3. MJ - June 18, 2009

Your romantic optimism is totally charming. This post was short, simple and sweet–I really enjoyed it.

4. amindinmotown - June 18, 2009

I can so easily get enveloped in these movies, and it’s great to have someone right there on the couch who you feel amazing about. Great post, and great to see an emotional side of Patty.

Never Been Kissed, ?, Jumper, ?, Along Came Polly, Wedding Crashers (although if it’s a “him,” it could be 27 Dresses), Seredipity. What two am I missing?

Patrick - June 18, 2009

Never Been Kissed / Fever Pitch, 40yr old Virgin, Mr. Deeds, Friends ( ok, not a movie), Along Came Polly, Wedding Crashers / My Friend’s Girl, Serendipity

5. John - June 30, 2009

I love Serendipity! (And romantic comedies in general, haha.) But I think this post is really true. It’s amazing how quickly things can change and you become part of one of these yourself.

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