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GOTD: Rashida Jones April 16, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Gotd.
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So I had an idea for some new post material. Every once in awhile I might post about an interesting female. (Either Fiction or NonFiction) I’ve seen enough of these posts on some of your blogs. Though they’re usually “Hunk of the week” or something similar.

So today I wanted to talk about Rashida Jones. One might remember her from The Office, where she briefly played Jim’s girlfriend. (Also dated him IRL as well) She’s now in the new NBC show Parks and Recreation.

She just has a very simple beauty. Something about her smile just makes me want to smile back. Graduating from Harvard also makes her more than just a pretty face. It’s weird how some girls are just extraordinary at being ordinary.

So if you ever meet Rashida, tell her Patrick says hi 🙂



1. Delilah - April 16, 2009

I’ve never heard of Rashida Jones since I’m not big on TV but I definitely like that she’s very natural. I feel as if these days people don’t appreciate natural beauty as much anymore. It’s always refreshing to see something different than what mainstream america deems as attractive! =)

Patrick - April 17, 2009

That’s be beauty of blogging, it lets us share our opinions instead of just assuming all Americans are sheep that feel the same way some certain magazines/media.

2. Katie - April 16, 2009

I must say she’s very adorable. She has that ‘girl next door’ kind of look. I like that. Along with Delilah, I’m really tired of seeing all of the girls who society makes attractive. I typically don’t agree with any of Hollywood’s decisions; but yours, I’m with ya.

So, now that you’ve shown the GOTD, I want to see your Hunk of the Week. 🙂

Patrick - April 17, 2009

Hunk of the Week huh? That’s easy, this week it’s me, next week it’s me again. All week every week =P (JK, I’d never want to be in a ‘hunk’ category)

I can promise you’ll never see me post half-naked women in these posts. So they’ll always be safe for work. 🙂 The way I see it, if a girl needs to take clothes off in order to catch a guy’s eye, then she can’t be that good looking in the first place.

3. amindinmotown - April 17, 2009

I don’t exactly watch The Office, so I’ve never seen this woman in my life, but she’s not too shabby. Good taste Patty.

4. MJ - April 22, 2009

When will I be featured? 😉

5. Rashida Jones Blog on: GOTD: Rashida Jones | CelebrityCatch.tv: TV Shows - June 18, 2011

[…] Link: Rashida Jones Blog on: GOTD: Rashida Jones […]

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