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N Korea tested a long range missile April 8, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Uncategorized.

Just the other night North Korea test fired a long range missile. Everyone knew it was going to happen, they announced it about a week prior. Of course almost all world leaders asked Kim Jong-il not to proceed with the testing. Ill claimed it was to put a communication satellite into air. Hardly anyone truly believes there was ever plans for a satellite. Most fear this was just to show off the fact they could produce these missiles. Apparently when your country a good portion of its money selling weapons like this you can’t just show up at E3 to demonstrate them.

I can’t explain how disappointed I am that Obama and Japan let this test occur. N. Korea was breaking a UN restriction which prohibited testing these sort of missiles. And the best we could do was “Please don’t do that” and then “You shouldn’t have done that”? This missile flew over mainland Japan. How could they just sit there and watch it fly over like some sort of shooting star. You have the technology, blow that shit of out the sky. Or better yet, grow a pair and take the missle out before it even gets launched.

Kim Jong-il clearly is having a good week. Not only did he have a great ‘product demonstration’ he also has proof that he can get away with things without repercussion. Instead of bowing to Saudi Kings and making friends will all of Europe maybe we should focus on this crazy dictator with nuclear weapons.

Hopefully Jong-il will just take another stroke and we can forget about him.



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