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One Third Life Crisis? April 7, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Life.
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Some people my age talk about having a quarter-life crisis. Really? That’s not very realistic, lol. A safe bet says you can divide by 75, so 25/75 is about 1/3. I certainly don’t view being 25 as a crisis. The first 10 years or so are negligible, considering you don’t produce to many cognitive memories then. The last 15 have included a lot of schooling, just learning how I’m supposed to live this life that I have. Sadly I’m not finished with school, but soon enough. I think age is more of a relative thing though, when I spend time with my little brother (12) we play video games and talk about computers. On the other hand, some friends who are off getting married make me feel a lot older. Of course there’s always middle ground. Others who are about my age who are still not close to settleing down and plan on just enjoying their 20’s. (Or whats left of them)

So when I blog, I’m going to try to focus more on life events during this period of … well my life. Not only what’s going on with me personally, but how the world is changing around me. And I know posts about news and politics aren’t as exciting as “Look I bought new shoes!” posts. (LOL clearly not something I would write, but some of you are guilty, =P) So if I write a post and it seems boring, feel free to just skip it and understand that sometimes we all need to write more for ourselves than for others.

I’m not usually this philosophical, sitting around talking about life isn’t usually my cup of tea. Yesterday was my 25th birthday, so it stired up some of these thoughts.



1. Katie - April 8, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit stressed about turning 25 this October. It’s mostly because I’m moderately unhappy with the route I ended up taking,. Though I completely and totally understand the idea of not regretting things, I can’t help but to do it sometimes.

I’d love to see you blog about your new shoes purchase 🙂

2. amindinmotown - April 8, 2009

…Happy (belated) Birthday. I’m a crappy friend. I should’ve remembered that. Now I’m sad. =( I suck.

And hey, I’m definitely the kind of blogger who shares and discusses news more than anything else (which is probably why my readership isn’t very high). I think that stuff is very interesting!

3. Meg - April 8, 2009

eh not old just merely aging like a fine wine! you only get better as you get older!!

4. MJ - April 16, 2009

It’s “quarter-life” crisis, because it’s half way to the mid-life crisis. Uggh…fractions!

5. Delilah - April 18, 2009

Sitting around thinking about life isn’t your cup of tea? It’s not really mine either but have you ever sat down and talked about it with another person. It’s pretty amazing to get another person’s take on it. It’s somewhat refreshing ya know?

In any case, I wish you a very belated happy birthday! 25 is a pretty big milestone. Your insurance goes way down! Saving money is always good in my book. And the way I see it, age is just a number anyway. Here’s to a new year. Make it a good one!

6. Delilah - April 18, 2009

Eek! Sorry to be dropping comments all over the place but I just realized I wanted to say more on this!

So because we are in a close age range, I can relate a little bit. A TON of people that I know and went to highschool with are getting married and/or having kids already! This is a little unnerving to me since I still feel relatively young and definitely not ready to start raising kids. Isn’t it odd? You’re just starting to feel like you’ve gotten the hang of life and then suddenly BAM you peers are getting hitched!! What?!

I spend some of my free time playing videogames with my brother too and I definitely prefer that over changing diapers! I think people like us have got the right idea. =)

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