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A years supply of pizza for me! March 31, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Uncategorized.

If you could eat only one type of cuisine for a year, what would it be?

Tombstone Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza, hands down. Meat, cheese, bread, tomatoes, what more could your body want!? I've had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Usually not all three, but I've done it! Once in Binghamton, we ordered a 'tray' of pizza which apparently has a different meaning there. Around here you get a pizza say 2ft by 1.5 ft, but in Bing it was like 2ft by 4ft. It was insane, and there was only two of us and we ordered 2 trays! Also, my roommate was lactose intolerant, lol. So for the next 36 hours I'm pretty sure I ate nothing but pizza. And I didn't stop because I got sick of it, I stopped because after a few days it started to dry and shrink and eric wouldn't let me eat anymore, lol.



1. C - March 31, 2009

Ah, I would eat potatoes. Any kind of potato as long as it’s not raw!

mackiep1 - March 31, 2009

You know what I love? Potato Pancakes! I only get them at fairs and picnics, but when I do they’re so good!

2. dontcallmekathleen - March 31, 2009

It’s hard for me to find a good pizza. I don’t like Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza. I HATE frozen pizza. It HAS to be from one of the Italian “Good Pizza Places” that we’re so lucky to have here in the Jersey, Philadelphia area. Good choice though.

I’d go with Steak, Sweet Potatoes, and Lima Beans.

Clearly, I’m part man…. 😡

mackiep1 - March 31, 2009

In Scranton there’s good pizza everywhere. When I lived up in Binghamton (NY) all of the pizza was horrible. Just bad.

Have you ever had the loaded Sweet Potatoes from Texas Roadhouse? (lol assuming there’s a Tx Roadhouse near you) They are soo good. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows, maple syrup, and brown sugar, yum!

3. amindinmotown - March 31, 2009

…With that in mind, can you send me a tray of Maroni’s? Okay thanks.

4. floreta - April 1, 2009

oh you’re one of THOSE kinda guys? haha. j/k. that picture looks damn good. i want to EAAATTTT EET.

5. ryan - April 2, 2009

Well if i could just drink one thing it would probably be red bull. I know its not that good for you but i’m hooked. I think i might be able to eat sushi for a long time. But i’m not sure how long i could do it for.


6. Delilah - April 18, 2009

Pizza is probably one of the most amazing things ever created. That and Chipotle steak burritos… *drools*

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