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Princess Sitting March 28, 2009

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A Morning with Morgan

We started off with breakfast, probably the easiest part of my day. Isn’t she adorable?

Lunch, the real fun…

So I gave her options, Pierogies, or Pizza. Now just like any little kid she opted for the pizza. (Good choice since all I had to do was reheat it) So once the oven heated up and I was done making the pizza about 30 mins went by. I serve her a slice and she gives me the “sour look” and says “I don’t like this kind”. Now at first I assumed she meant the type of pizza, well after 15 mins of arguing about it, she tell me that she likes “the pizza shaped like this” (and continues to make a triangle shape with her hands) So I’ve discovered what the problem was, so being the engineer that I am, I took the square (really rectangular) pieces and cut them diagonally. And look at that, triangle pizza. So we’re all set right? No, lol you’ve clearly underestimated the needs of a 5 year old girl. She tells me that her triangles don’t have crust, and they need to have crust. So, then I found some ‘edge pieces’ that contained crust, cut those into triangles, and tada we have triangles with crust. Done right? Lol no way. She takes a bite, but my lovely niece is missing 5 of her front teeth, so she couldn’t bite off pieces. So what did I have to do? Get out a knife and cut her triangle pieces with crust, into teeny bite-sized squares. Of course a plate full of little squares looked like too much, so I had to put just 4 on a new plate. Then as she ate those, I would slowly add a few more. I think it was about an hour later that I actually got this girl to eat. Of course she’s my only niece, so I love her. But man was it a lot of work.

Finally, Some Homework

What kind of an uncle would I be if I didn’t make sure she had something educational to do? So she read me her first book ever.



1. Katie - March 29, 2009

Adorable girl. Seriously. I watched the video 3 times. (…try to ignore how weird that sounds.)

I’ll give her 30 points for being cute.bYou can have 2 points. But they’re merely association points.

I can see why you look forward to spending time with her! Who wouldn’t.

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