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Werewolf in Scranton? Aka Why I love Wikipedia March 23, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Tech.
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So where did my journey start today? Well I was on facebook looking at a friend’s profile picture. It’s a picture of them with their hand in one of the Hollywood Star looking things. And the star is for Perry Como. Now, I didn’t know who Perry Como was, so off to Wikipedia I go! So I’m reading about this guy when I come across his trivia. And it mentions that he’s a seventh son of a seventh son. Again, I’m at a loss of knowledge, so I need to see what means. Pretty cool folklore things going on there. Then I find a subsection called Ireland. Being Irish I quickly look to soak up some more information, when I get to this: “The seventh son of a seventh son is gifted as a healer. There are several cases of an Irish healer in Scranton, Pennsylvania.” So that gets me to a healer in Scranton, but where did the werewolf come from? Well, (I’m glad you asked) according to Latin America, the seventh son of a seventh son is commonly believed that he will be a werewolf or lobizón. And there you have it folks, a werewolf in Scranton, and it all started with Perry Como, who just so happens to be born in PA. About 5 hours away from Scranton, in Canonsburg.

Now Wikipedia may have some critics, but I must say, outside of my classroom knowledge I’ve learned more from Wikipedia than any other single source. Do I care that it’s only 99.8% right? No, I just like the fact that I can get so much random information in one place. Although I must say, it is easy to get lost in Wikipedia. One minute you’re reading about your favorite movie, then 30 minutes later you’re reading about battles that happened in the civil war, another hour goes by and you know all about Britney Spears’ sister. Don’t ask me, it just happens.



1. Kate - January 9, 2010

Paul Cawley of Scranton was my great grandfather–he wasn’t a werewolf(More like a saint). According to my family, he did have healing powers, but I wasn’t alive to witness them. However, I can testify that there were a number of miraculous events surrounding him that happened right after he died which were beyond explanation.

Ed Hill - April 25, 2010

Hey Kate, could you elaborate on that a little?

2. Kate - May 26, 2010

Sure… Well, the nuns & nurses would call his mother when he was a little boy & ask if he could come by because they had no other cures.. & apparently he would heal them… * There aren’t many recorded incidence given the time period & I can only go by what I was told. Plus, he didn’t like to talk about it much because he was young & probably didn’t understand how incredible it was. He was the most amazing person.. A few years before he died, he was sick (just a normal illness, because he was very active right up until his death) .. but anyway, my mother went to rent him some movies & dropped them off at his house.. When she did, she left the car doors unlocked & someone stole her purse… She was upset about it because we were going to Disney World the next day & there was a lot of money in it. Despite the fact that it wasn’t his fault, he always felt guilty.. but 3 years later, 3 days after he died.. her purse was found in the hedges of the rectory of the church his funeral was held… They knew it was hers because the wallet (w. her ID cards) was still in it… Then, a month later my parents spontaneously stopped in Atlantic City on their way to an construction vehicle auction… (they had never been there prior).. & my dad won the jackpot on the slot machine, & when everyone was coming by to see who won… My Great Aunt Theresa (my great-grandfathers daugther) just so happened to be there! It’s too weird to explain by coincidence!! Those stories are only the ones that involve my mom & dad.. there are a lot more!

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