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Violent Video Games vs Sexy Music March 17, 2009

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I’m sure you’ve heard about how bad video games are for young boys.  Even now legislation is in the works to make



sure those bad games stay out of the hands of young kids.  Now I’m pretty level headed about this.  I’m glad that WalMart wont be selling GTA4 to my little brother. (Who’s 12)  Of course that’s just a speed bump for most kids.  My brother’s played the game because someone else bought it for another kid.  Parents don’t take the time to do any research on what their kids are about to see.  However, I feel that way because he’s twelve.  I really don’t see a reason why 16 year olds can’t play those games but 18 year olds can.  Again, I guess that’s a parenting issue, and as of now, I’m no parent.

That’s all old news, what I want to talk about, is the music these days.  Ten years ago, the outrage was on people like Marylin Manson, ICP, Eminem, etc who sang about dark things.  Here’s some opinion though, kids (and not too long ago, I was one of them) understand the difference between right and wrong when it comes to murder/extreme violence.  The problem is when it comes to gray areas. Sex and drugs.  I imagine that 96% of all teen girls 14+ know who Britney Spears is. And they’ve seen her on tv and heard her songs. Now, I’m not hating on Brit. As a matter of fact, I think Lucky was an amazing song. But I think she’s taken the ‘sex sells’ idea just a bit to far. Her latest video is just way over the top.  And it isn’t just hot half naked girls singing about sex, rap music (if that’s what its called anymore) is also a horrible offender. Not only are their videos filled with rauncy girls grinding anything that moves, the lyrics can be just down right disgusting. And parents have even less of control over music than they do video games.  Video games can be restricted to the living room, (sure most kids have TVs in their room, but parents have a choice) but music goes wherever the kids do. Thanks to ipods you might never hear what songs kids listen to.



I need to wrap it up instead of rambling, so here it goes. I can’t prove that music has a larger influence over teens than video games. What I can tell you, without a doubt, is that kids are much more easily influenced when  it comes to sex and drugs. Teenagers are trying to learn how to be teens. I know that might sound funny, but its true. They know they no longer want to act like kids, but they certainly don’t want to just follow all their parents rules. So they



look to music, tv, etc to get an idea what popular teens might do. Sadly the popular people in media aren’t usualy the people you want as a role model.  The least parents can do, is have thier kids watching more Disney, and less MTV. I mean, do you want your daughters being the next Miley Cyrus/Selena Gomez, or Britney/Rihanna? And yes, I know Brit had her start with good old Mickey, but you don’t see Mr. Mouse putting her have naked body on his channel anymore.



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