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Sell out? I think so March 17, 2009

Posted by Patrick in Uncategorized.

So let me first start off by saying that I’m not the type of person to write off a band as selling out just because they become popular. I like when good bands make it.  Fall Out Boy I think is a decent example of that. Even though some my argue their music has changed a bit.

So who am I talking about then? The Ataris. You might not even know them, but they did a cover of Boys of Summer that was overplayed. Anyways, they come from Cali and use to have an amazing sound. I’m embedding videos, and I hate when people do that on their main posts, so you’ll have to catch more after the break.So here’s an example of their old sound:

That’s the music I loved .. now I was just listening to their newest CD, and came across this song. Which seemed to have a catchy beat to it…. (Only the first 30 seconds need to be listened to)

So I was trying to figure out where I heard that before. It didn’t take long…

It shouldnt take long to notice how similar they are. Now granted I think the ataris song was out before Miley’s, but still the fact that they sound so similar is just sad. Speaking of sad, we won’t talk about how I knew those soungs sounded alike. =P

[edit: links didn’t work 1st time, all fixed now]



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