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The Single Life September 17, 2008

Posted by Patrick in Life.

Being in college I always felt like dating was an optional thing. Of course now I’m still in college and nearly everyone else is out. Lets go over some neat facts here.

My first kiss, she’s married now. My first love, was engaged for two years. My prom date, now a proud mom. My best friend, now engaged. I mean, what the hell people? 

I’ve been trying the whole dating thing this year, and I just don’t care for it. I mean, it met some neat/crazy people but nobody I felt like I could have a relationship with. I guess my problem at this point is meeting new people. I’ve learned that bars just don’t work. Actually I hope I meet someone who likes to go to the bar once in awhile, but I just don’t want to meet them at the bar. Does that make sense?

Maybe I’m just worried about nothing. I still know a few people that are single, although they’re not thrilled about it. I have at least one wedding to go to next year, and I’ll be 25. I’d like to think by then I should at least be in a relationship by then. Of course that’s not the sort of thing you should put a timeline on, but come May when I have to go to the wedding I’d rather not be going alone.

Is that lame? Or is that just being human? I guess the word is being lonely, but man does that sound sad. Alright well this is supposed to be a positive blog, not a whiny live journal. So I should just delete this, but I hate deleting anything I write, so you can just deal with it. =)



1. amindinmotown - September 17, 2008

Well, I’m neither engaged nor married, and, as far as I know/plan, there will be no children in the near future. So at least you have one friend who is, sort of, in the same boat.

I, however, can’t manage to stay single for anything and envy those who can/want to/are at times. Oh well. The grass is always greener on the other side, huh?

2. mackiep1 - September 17, 2008

Very true about that greener grass, but I think as we get older we start to learn what shade of green we’re really looking for.

The concern isn’t single vs marriage, it’s more of a happy / not happy situation. I’m not saying I’d like to be married in the next 2 years, I just think I would be happier if I was sharing my time with someone who I cared about, more than just a friend of course.

Your opinion, as always, is greatly valued. =)

3. Delilah - April 18, 2009

You’ve just touched on one of my most favorite things to talk about.
Well– not my favorite thing but it comes pretty close. The reason I take so much interest in this is because I recenlty just got out of a four-year relationship and have learned a lot about the single life.

Mainly, dating sort of sucks. It just seems so tedious to me. Meet someone. Go out to dinner. If it works out, continue. If not, repeat. Oh geez! I feel as if it shouldn’t be so hard to find someone that you feel a connection with. But the truth is, it’s verrrrrry difficult. I think being in school makes meeting people a lot easier though. The majority of people that complain about this, I’ve noticed, are people who are no-longer in school. Lately, I’ve been feeling really disenchanted with the whole dating scene perhaps because I’ve realized how boring it all really is. No one eye-catching!!!

Anyhow, definitely don’t meet anyone at a bar. I get what you’re sayin’. Makes sense to me!

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